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The Parcelona Hair Collection provides a variety of women's hair accessories made in France. All the products are made from nature-friendly cellulose acetate, perfectly polished for a splendid finish, distinctive patterns, and designs. This collection is perfectly assorted and brings you a vast array of hair accessories ranging from hair claws, barrettes, combs, clips, and more. The products feature classic, and imperishable designs that complement any hair type from short to long, fine to thick, and straight to curly: a versatile collection rare in retail stores. 
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The French Amie Hair Collection provides a variety of accessories handmade in France. All products are perfectly polished for a splendid finish of smooth and even edges. This assortment consists of a variety of products ranging from hair combs, clips, barrettes, and more. The unique designs complement any hair type: a versatile collection rare in retail stores. French Amie prides itself on using nature-friendly cellulose-acetate that makes the piece durable and luxurious.
Moeni Hair Collection is all about Bridal Hair Accessories. The products are perfect for weddings, banquets, prom, feasts, and other special occasions. It features contemporary, classic, and vintage decorative designs that add an extra ornamental touch to your hairstyles. The luxurious collection includes hair claws, pins, scrunchies, and more.