French Amie Brown Stripe Grey Black Celluloid Handmade In France Hair Comb

French Amie

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Hair Comb

French Amie



  • High Quality Handmade in France from Luxurious Cellulose Acetate.
  • Size: Approx. 7.5 Inches ; Approx. 19 cm.
  • Seamless; Non-Static; Soft Tips and Edges with Glossy Finish; Sturdy; Non-Brittle
  • Beautifully Shaped and The Teeth are all Perfectly Smooth.
  • Does Not Pull Your Hair; Helps to Stimulate Your Scalp
  • All of the Combs are Hand Decorated so each Comb is Unique in Pattern.
  • Handmade Designs may vary in Color and Pattern.

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